Blueberry Crumble

If blueberries are your jam, this coffee is for you.

Toby's Estate Singapore

Toby’s Estate Café & Roastery overlooks the historic Singapore River in the picturesque area of Robertson Quay.
Winning the Australian Brewers Cup is a great result for Toby’s Estate, as it confirms that we are able to source and roast coffee up to the highest standards of of what coffee competitiions can expect globally.


Nich Rae, Head of Coffee, talks us through his approach to roasting the competition winning coffee for Carlos Escobar in the Australian Brewers Cup and how it’s literally a game of seconds between hitting the desired profile.

Our World Specialty Coffee

Toby's Estate Singapore - Coffee Roasters

At Toby’s Estate our passion for coffee, tea & chocolate leads us to expect, and attain, the highest quality in the cup. We also recognise our responsibility to growers and communities around the world by working to ensure they receive a fair price for the quality raw materials they produce.

We pride ourselves on quality bean selection, daily roasting and appropriate and attractive packaging. Our coffee is roasted to order to ensure freshness. Directly after roasting, the beans are packed in high quality, one-way-valve bags to allow gases to escape and prevent oxygen from entering. These bags prevent any loss of the richest and most valuable aromatics in coffee.

  • Blueberry Crumble

    If blueberries are your thing, this coffee is for you.

    Introducing the last of 2023’s limited edition Flavor Savor’s, Blueberry Crumble!

    Turn your face blue with tasting notes of blueberry compote, berries of the forest, blueberry cheesecake, and blueberry danish, roasted with frothers in mind (any milk choice will do). It’s a blueberry feast.

    Don’t worry, no Willy Wonka tricks, and no Violet Beauregarde-like side effects are to be expected.

    Be berry quick because supplies are limited. Scoop yourself some Blueberry Crumble.

    Do you want to learn how to make the ideal cup?

    Click here to view the Blueberry Crumble Recipe Card


  • Daterra – Masterpieces Brazil

    This coffee lives up to its name; it’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! It’s delicate and refined, and you’ll want more.

    With a name like Masterpieces, surely the entire sanctity that this coffee represents is encapsulated? It’s no coincidence that we’re smitten with Daterra and their exceptional quality and consistency, which keeps us coming back year after year. If you want delicate excellence, pristine quality, and refinement, this is the filter to try. The cup begins with a clean and delicate air of redcurrant, but the coffee quickly transforms into a decadent hazelnut, leaving you with the mouthfeel of the most delectable ganache.

    {Whole Bean}


  • La Cueva Honduras

    Are you familiar with anaerobic coffee? For a balanced introduction to the world of funky fermented flavours, try this intoxicating filter.

    If you’ve ever heard the term “anaerobic” floating around coffee circles, we’re sure you don’t need any convincing to try this Honduras filter. However, if you’re new to the delectable world of funky fermented fruits that would send even John Wick flying, we’d like to introduce you to Honduras La Cueva. This is an excellent introduction to an anaerobic natural because the expression retains a balanced approach with a pleasant blackcurrant-like acidity to begin. This intoxicating filter offering from Honduras begins with a delicious honeycomb flavour and ends with a unique goji berry mouthfeel.

    {Whole Bean}



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