Summer Solstice Brazil


Experience the essence of Brazilian beauty with our beloved Daterra Espresso!

Daterra is a household (at least in Toby’s house) name in our monthly rotation, and for good reason. From the mind-blowing landscapes of Minas Gerais, this beauty is a testament to meticulous care from cultivation to right there in your cupA bean with spinetingling, summer breeze like freshness – and that’s before we’ve even roasted 
When roasted, Summer Solstice transforms into sweet, juicy notes of yellow peach, the wineydelicate flavour of cherry compote, followed by the classic Daterra quality of rich milk chocolate. 

{Whole Beans}

Do you want to learn how to make the ideal cup?

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Region Minas Gerais
Process Natural
Coffee Variety Mixed
Flavour Milk Chocolate, Yellow Peach, Cherry Compote


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