La Cueva Honduras


Are you familiar with anaerobic coffee? For a balanced introduction to the world of funky fermented flavours, try this intoxicating filter.

If you’ve ever heard the term “anaerobic” floating around coffee circles, we’re sure you don’t need any convincing to try this Honduras filter. However, if you’re new to the delectable world of funky fermented fruits that would send even John Wick flying, we’d like to introduce you to Honduras La Cueva. This is an excellent introduction to an anaerobic natural because the expression retains a balanced approach with a pleasant blackcurrant-like acidity to begin. This intoxicating filter offering from Honduras begins with a delicious honeycomb flavour and ends with a unique goji berry mouthfeel.

{Whole Bean}

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Anaerobic Natural

Coffee Variety

Yellow Catuai


Blackcurrant, Honeycomb, Goji Berry


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