Kinu M47 Phoenix Coffee Grinder


The Kinu M47 Phoenix Grinder is your high-end experience when it comes to portable, manual coffee hand-grinders.

It has exceptional precision in achieving the desired grind size, making it ideal for home brewing or on-the-go brewing. The Kinu M47 Phoenix Grinder is the lightest in the lineup, with a stainless steel body, food-safe ABS Plastics on the beans hopper and grind catcher, and a silicon O-ring that connects the catcher to the body.

  • Burrs are Black-Fusion Treated, which means they are built to last
  • 0.01mm Adjustment Increments, allowing you to really dial in the perfect grind
  • Anti-rotational knob
  • Travel-ready
  • Light-weight silicone O-ring catch-cup (easy to clean)

Weight: 720g

{Only available for pre-order. Waiting time: 1-2 weeks}



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