Kiangombe Kenya


Taste fresh, comforting flavours that feel like a warm hug and evoke memories of apple pie.

Do you like flavours that are both welcoming and comforting? Do you enjoy waking up in the morning to the fresh aroma of your favourite coffee? Look no further than this Kirinyaga – Kiangombe double washed Kenya filter. We then taste a super duper honeydew melon flavour with super refreshing acidity, similar to ultra-fresh green grapes. Wrapping it all up is a big warm hug, similar to the apple pie you had at family gatherings. This is a great classic to enjoy for newcomers to Kenya or seasoned veterans who prefer that classic flavour.

{Whole Beans}

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Double Washed

Coffee Variety

SL28, SL34


Green Grape, Honeydew Melon, Apple Pie


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