Fellow Ode Electric Coffee Grinder


Fellow have reimagined the grinder with their Ode Electric Coffee Grinder.

To maximise bean freshness, this machine has 64mm professional-grade flat burrs, 31-steeped grind settings, and single-dose loading.


  • 64mm professional-grade stainless steel flat burrs, perfect for filter coffee
  • 31-steep grind settings
  • Smart Speed PID-controlled motor for steady RPM
  • Auto-stop functionality to shut off grinding when all coffee is ground
  • Single-dose loading
  • Magnetic grind catcher for cleanliness


  • 64mm Flat Burrs
  • Grinding Capacity: 80g
  • 31-steeped grind adjustment settings
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Dimensions: L 239mm x W 105mm x H 241.5mm
  • Materials: Stainless steel burrs, aluminium body, plastic load bin and base
  • Power: 140W
  • Voltage: 220V

{Only for pre-order. Waiting time: 1-2 weeks}



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