El Burro – Lot #16 Panama 100G


Pristine, Polished, Exquisite, Refined, Glistening

If you know El Burro, then you know they are one of the elite coffee producers in the world and then we’d imagine you’ll skip straight to the ‘add to cart’ button. If not, it’s ok, let’s talk it out… then you can ‘add to cart’.

Pristine, polished, exquisite, refined, glistening – not all terms you’d think when talking coffee but completely appropriate when describing this off the hook Panama Geisha. An exquisite fugue (a musical term to flex how cultured we are) of elegant white nectarine entwining with subtle honeysuckle, which then leisurely sways into delicate jasmine tea.

A coffee that is both hard to come by and truly elite. Give it a go, because it’s El Burro…

{Whole Beans}

Do you want to learn how to make the ideal cup?

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Process 144h Anaerobic Natural + H2O – Slow Dried
Coffee Variety Catuai
Flavour Honeysuckle, White Nectarine, Jasmine Tea


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