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Introducing Single Origin With Milk!

What is ‘Single Origin With Milk’?

Every month, we release 3 espresso single origins from around the world, highlighting the diverse and intriguing flavour profiles that each region has to offer. ‘Single Origin With Milk’ is a way for us to keep demonstrating to the rest of the coffee world that coffee is more than chocolate and nuts. Single origins are purchased for their distinct characteristics and to demonstrate the farmer’s commitment to quality and excellence. Beginning in February 2022, we will carefully select 1 coffee per month that we know will taste fantastic with milk, bringing exciting new flavours to your daily coffee routine. We believe that education is the key to our company’s and community’s continued growth, that flavour is king, and that we want to take you along for the ride.

Why have we gone to such lengths?

Mixing single origins with milk has long been considered risky, frowned upon, or simply out of the question. There are several reasons for this, one of which is roasting. This is because a lighter roast is required to extract the most flavour from the coffee, highlighting acidity, clarity, and fruity flavours. Sometimes it produces a delicious strawberry-flavoured flat white, and other times it produces a curdled acid bomb that quickly gets returned.
We want to continue to break down this barrier and show you all the exciting world of flavour in coffee, and we’re going to do it through single origins, thanks to the success of our flavour savour series. Single origins are typically consumed as espresso or long blacks, but we want you to get a taste of them in your daily flat or cap!

What can you expect?

Expect a wide range of fruits, from strawberries to stone fruits, milk chocolate and marshmallows, as well as increased sweetness, complexity, and a very drinkable coffee.
What not to expect… Bitterness, dark chocolates, the perception of strong coffee, and savoury qualities.

What is a Single Origin 101

Simply put, a single origin comes from a small dedicated section or area of the farm, usually but not always having a single variety tree, such as apple trees, Granny Smith VS Red Gala, or in wine, a Riesling VS a Chardonnay. This coffee is always the best that each farm has to offer, scoring in the mid to high 80s on a scale of 1 to 100. A combination of flavour, acidity, and aroma, to name a few, all contribute to this high score. 

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