Things You’ll Need

Fold filter paper along the seam and place open in the dripper.
Rinse filter paper. Completely saturate with hot water to remove any papery taste.
Allow the water to warm your server whilst you grind your coffee.
Grind your coffee to produce 16g. For best results, freshly ground coffee is preferred. Aim for a medium grind.
Discard excess water from the server.
Place V60 onto scales and tare.
Place 16g ground coffee into V60. Tap to level out.
Tare scales and start timer.
Saturate coffee with 32g of water.
Wait 30 seconds for coffee to bloom. Blooming releases gasses from the coffee and allows for an even extraction.
Add a steady stream of water until you reach 256g. Aim to finish pouring at 1 minute. Pour a stream of water in a spiral, circulating in and out. Avoid the paper edge. The coffee should flow steadily.
Aim to finish extraction at 2 minutes. Remove dripper and coffee from server.
Preheat your cup with hot water. Discard. Pour coffe into your cup from server.
Enjoy your coffee!